The Tales of Gail Grisham

Gail's Story...

Gail Grisham Funny UK Blogger for women
One evening I found a little vintage doll cello-taped to the steering wheel of my car, instead of calling my friend an absolute lunatic (which clearly she is) I made up a persona for the doll and put her on facebook.

Looking good big man

The saga of suitcase-gate. The Husband used the suitcase and yet didn't seem willing to return it to the loft. Over a course of days he & Gail moved it around in a bizarre game of chess like cunning...

But these are my absolute favourite...

How often have you heard that X, Y or Zed are the most favourite food ever only to find out once purchased that it isn't. Gail has to eat 1kg of Coco Pops, how she's meant to be waif like & nimble is anyone's guess.