Gail's Story...

How Gail came to be...

I was regularly minding my friend's child and by way of saying thank you my friend started to buy me small gifts. After I had said that it wasn't necessary she started to leave me bizarre tokens of thanks. One evening I found a little vintage doll cello-taped to the steering wheel of my car, instead of calling my friend an absolute lunatic (which clearly she is) I made up a persona for the doll and put her on facebook. My friend is called Gail, and is a forensic scientist... hence Gail Grisham (Grisham is a character in CSI). The following morning my post had 14 likes, the next day 32, so I carried on.

Gail Grisham's following is growing weekly and I get such great feedback about her that I decided to launch a range of greetings cards. I had a stand at PGLive London in 2018, mainly as a learning experience. I got lots of constructive feedback and comments, and learnt stuff I didn't even know I needed to learn.

I am a graphic designer and take all my photos myself with my phone. I take Gail out and about with me and snap her in various situations. I want her photos to look rustic and snappy not studio polished as Gail's quirky nature and funny, sometimes acidic, views on family life are very of the moment.

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