Meet Gail Grisham...

Gail is a online character that has branched out into greetings cards. Her funny cards will resonate across the land because every woman has a smidge of Gail in them. 

Share Gail's humour with her range of greetings cards that your friends are sure to love.

The Tales of Gail Grisham

Gary Barlow Saves the Day

Gary Barlow Saves the Day

By the time Gail realised the petrol situation was not great they were close to the arse end of no where with no houses in sight and no signal on their phones. Gail’s tummy did a funny flip, the kind of flip that signals don’t fart for the love of God.
Where wholesome folks dwell

Where wholesome folks dwell

...she reached her limit and exploded in a froth of spit and ‘spicy words’, only to discover The Teenager was broadcasting across the internet via headphones
Plotting with Gail & Bunty

Plotting with Gail & Bunty

... As they drank more wine they devised ways in which Bunty should have killed Arse, the best being the old sword made of ice then made into a cup of tea...
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Gail's Story...

One evening I found a little vintage doll cello-taped to the steering wheel of my car, instead of calling my friend an absolute lunatic (which clearly she is) I made up a persona for the doll and put her on facebook.

Looking good big man

The saga of suitcase-gate. The Husband used the suitcase and yet didn't seem willing to return it to the loft. Over a course of days he & Gail moved it around in a bizarre game of chess like cunning...

But these are my absolute favourite...

How often have you heard that X, Y or Zed are the most favourite food ever only to find out once purchased that it isn't. Gail has to eat 1kg of Coco Pops, how she's meant to be waif like & nimble is anyone's guess.

Gail cares...

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